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Welcome to Plant Response to Stress (PRESS)

The online course on “Plant Responses to Stress” (PRESS) is intended for students, who want to take a closer look at the theoretical and practical approaches to stress research in plant science. PRESS is part of the PSC Module 'Integrative Plant Sciences' that was launched by the Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center (PSC) in 2006. Maximum learner benefit is achieved by combining several modes of training. PRESS forms the core of this PSC module, which focuses on the reaction of plants towards changing environmental conditions.

The goal of PRESS is to provide students with the basics of interdisciplinary research in the field of plant sciences. PRESS contains contains 9 lessons for self-study. 7 of these lessons provide students with scientific knowledge on the basics of stress research in plant science. In two additional lessons, so-called skills modules, students will acquaint themselves with practical scientific research methods by means of online simulation and training. They can, for example, plan an experiment, learn about the advantages or disadvantages of several lab techniques, and gain practice in data analysis and the interpretation of results. In exercises, self-assessments, and assignments, students must prove their knowledge and skills obtained in the lessons.

After passing PRESS, students enter an advanced group seminar (PRESS Seminar) on the subject with a blended learning setting where face-to-face meetings on site at Zurich and Basel will alternate with online group work.


The development of this course is being financed for two years by the Swiss Virtual Campus program, which promotes learning over the Internet at university level.


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